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Ok Jpo! my bro.

Sorry to keep you waiting with this, my first logue (‘snif’) its not without reason. Just after you accepted I went to France on a boarding holiday, although i sprained my ankle it was cool, its fine thanks for asking.

Ive tried to keep with our theme on this, club environment, visual sound. Ive quoted a song I just cant get out of my at the moment with the text. Tom Neville ‘Just F*ck’ mad song that one, love it.

The guy in the logue is a Dj by the name of Nick, hes a champ and hopefully will make a break soon. big up to you my new found friend and for FOXSAKE turn it UP!

17 years ago, March 10, 2004

DId i mention this is my first logue…

tad nervous


thats kinda funny..

i’m not so clear on the message.. is it pro or con?


Dont pay too much attention to the meaning of the text, its a funky techno track I like.

Theres not so much a message in this as a theme. club sound (the vocal/track) and a graphic representation.

The inspiration for this logue is club music and the visual flavour associated with it.


oh, well that changes things a bit.

to me, the meaning is important.


It has meaning for me, I designed it. Your right though b, I need to communicate something if Im going to get the biscuits huh…

I’ll try keep this logue to a theme, keepin it sassy. Will see what Jpo has to offer.


France! I’m in California right now on vacation, avoiding the cold and rain in Vancouver. Sorry to hear about your ankle.

I’ll take more time to look at this and try to respond in the next week.



yea, having a message helps. but i have a really hard time conveying them. which is probably why i picked up on it with yours.


Okay, it’s been a while…but I should be at my computer long enough now to get my volley back in the next day or two. Sorry bout that, man.