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Sorry it took so long, I’ve been a little swamped at work lately - but I’m back on track. Hopefully this is a good place to start.

blip blip blip

Anyway, my inspiration for this was those old ads that made the video game sound like it was super futuristic and the greatest breakthrough in video game technology. I always liked those ads.

Also came up with an original cart idea - because I think if there was a Designologue for the 5200, I would have bought it.

19 years ago, April 26, 2003

I like your image but I was looking forward to some radical cover art. What happened?


I like this one. As lincoln said, its not at all what i expected given the chat in the lounge… the tv and background image dont feel old enough to me.. like, maybe late eighties, early nineties.. but not Activision - old. I also almost didnt see the paragraph at the bottom at all. It was almost invisible to me. The writing was good, but it is a bit disconnected from the image, maybe purposefuly so. The overall concept of the Designologue game is cool, and the irony runs thick when you ask, “will you come up with the coveted 4.0 design.” ….

my answer: Not likely.

I want to know if the theme was infact cover art of the gaming era, before i rate this one.


The original idea I had was to do cover art design, and I guess this went totally the wrong fucking direction with this one.

Man, I initiated this too - but I waited too long to start it, so I guess I kind of forgot what the original idea I had was.

I’m gonna give myself a 1 - because I royally screwed the pooch on this one.


This is totally different than what I expected to see out of this. I guess I didn’t envision any photography and from our conversation in the lounge I thought classic arcade graphics and retro (in the 80’s way) iconography would dominate.

But, you’ve certainly given me a lot to work with. I really like your idea of the Designologue game, it holds lots of possiblities! I’m excited to get going with this.

I will do my best to get back to you soon, I am working on one (4 Your Thoughts) I feel is imperative before I respond to this one.


Jeromius, I just read your last post, you must have written it while I was writing mine.

Don’t beat yourself up, it’s the first image. We have alot more to go and as I just said a second ago, you gave me a ton to work with. I think that’s the most important thing. I think a 1 is way harsh.

The only real problem I have with this image is that it could have been pushed further with some design elements. And the type is weak, in regards to the theme.

It’s only number one my man, we’ve got a ways to go. I will try to respond soon!


I will try to redeem myself in my next image.

Oh yes, I will redeem myself.


hey. right up my alley. i just bought a couple of games from auction.

crowns golf hawaii isn’t a game that you’d remember. it actually sucks.. but for $30 anfter getting it home and realizing .. hey.. this thing used to be a frogger cabinet. i think i will restore it.. it’s worth it.

also picked up a mint Enduro Racer and a non working but very nice looking tempest.

now.. do this topic justice!!! everything you need is here… a good topic is a terrible thing to waste. :)

now.. to go back out to the garage and continue restoring my dragon’s lair II cabinet. woohooo..


What I wouldn’t do for one of those tabletop Ms Pacman games. damn she fine!


Thanks for the links, I know I need to do this log justice and make it really 8-bit super fabulous. I’ve already consulted with the gods of arcade, and feel that img 2 and 3 will definitely be worthy of this log’s title.

I’ve really got to get back into working on arcade cabinets. It was one of my hobbies in college - built 2 or 3 MAME cabinets, resotred a Tron and Discs of Tron game, as well as a Zaxxon cabinet. Man, I miss those games - they got me through some hard times (actually, they made me skip class a lot - I probably could have had a higher GPA!)


from the title i also would have expected 8-bit heros, I would have broken out the nintendo emus and screencaptured some funny shit. but dont listen to me, I speak only for myself, and havent had many people round here agree with me. The piecce seems bland, I like the black background and the activision designologue game, but the more i think of it i agree with your idea. This is the first piece and it should set up the rest, and i think you have done this. Maybe now its time for the emus.

I am 3d game developer, and love games, but pinball is my shit, and its dying. emus saved all console games from dying. I love playing vintage arcade and pinball. I have an original baly tommy pinball wizard machine. I love it, wont ever sell.


If the typeface of the “article” heading were a bit cleaner, this would feel like one of those little news blurbs in Time or Newsweek that we had to read in 8th grade current events. I like that visual concept, even if it wasn’t what was apparently intended.


holy crap, i completely forgot about this designologue. jeromious, i will try to respond within the next century ;D

actually, it may be a little while longer. i am getting some good leads on jobs out here. i even have an interview next tuesday!


ha ha ha - that’s cool. hopefully you find something out there!

yeah, whenever you get around to this log - no problem, I’m up to my keister in projects right now, which explains my complete lack of participation as of late on dsnlg.