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how does a strawberry bubble-gum feel when he’s going to be bitted by cuted-out and blurred children… what whould it view from its package?

19 years ago, February 4, 2004

that certainly is question


I’ve been waiting for years to use this postcard.

19 years ago, February 6, 2004

wtf is this dsnlg about?


i think it’s about candy. i don’t think there’s anything deeper to it than that…


i think it’s suposed to be about how candy feels about being munched on


I feel it just as candy related situations/landscapes. The only common is “candy” and the rest is in the air. Isn’t it nerd? So that can be so deep as we want… that could be just a few deep or really deep. That’s the mission of this conversation, to explore candy sides…


I don’t know if you get reruns of “That 70s Show” in Barcelona, xavi, but there’s one character — the foreign exchange student from a generic Spanish speaking South American country — who is obsessed with candy.

So every time I think about this dsnlg, I hear Fez saying “Mmmm, candy.”

And then the “I Taste Just Like Candy” song gets stuck in my head…

Though we can definitely move into the candy-coated views of life aspect…


The best designlogues are both visually cohesive and conceptually provocative.

If a person chooses to create a response that is more os a visual exercise (like this one) then I think the aesthetic cohesiveness between the initiator’s and conspirator’s images should be greater. So while the dialogue in this latest entry is really funny, I think the image loses something in throwing the style of the previous design out with the bath-water. (Or whatever kind of liquid those M&M’s are falling into… that one does look rather horrified)


Rev, you’re so right.

I guess the way I was relating this to the last piece in my head is from how xavi annotated it - what does a candy think as it’s about to be eaten? Maybe there’s a whole philosophical and religious anarchy in the world of sweets.

But depicting “i’m going to be eaten some day” doesn’t seem like a topic that’ll last for a whole dsnlg.

I can’t wait to see how xavi reframes it…


Sorry for time delay I’ts coming soon nerdartis!


Nerd & people, I’m really, really really really really sorry for time delay. I’ve been really (teally really really) busy lastly and I’d no time enough to do everything. But here we have an answer.

m&m’s growing from a windows XP candy-like landsacape.

I hope we will take a fun direction! :-p

19 years ago, February 26, 2004

that’s funny. but the legs are a bit stumpy…I know you were trying to make them look like they were buried in the tongue…uh…papillae? right?


am I wrong on the tongue? are we not in someone’s mouth? is this just some tripped out field? what am I doing here?


thadwiddle, that is some find!


I know you’re all eager with anticipation, but I’m moving, so I won’t be getting to this for a few weeks. Sorry xavi :(


that’s a pretty nice site for less then ten pieces of art.