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who’s next on the network’s list?

19 years ago, April 1, 2004

no numbers with little vector points? looks good. I like colors and textures but it gets a bit messy with the icons and text on the bottom right.


I agree - it would have stood up on its own without the dingbats. Nice start tho!


global statterroristsics

19 years ago, April 2, 2004

Anybody here watch The Practice on Sunday nights? I’ve only watched this season and have been pleasantly surprised. The character of Alan Shure played by James Spader has carried the entire season.

In the final episodes they’ve introduced a new character played by William Shatner. A bumbling yet egotistical power lawyer who gets by on his name alone. Denny Crane. He’ll tell you his name ten times in a conversation. Denny Crane. And that’s just about all you’ll get out of him. Denny Crane. His reasoning is that people—Denny Crane—are in disbelief that they are actually meeting—Denny Crane—Denny Crane. To assure them that they are—Denny Crane—he drops his name in, so they have something to tell-Denny Crane—their grandkids about. Denny Crane.

I think there’s a little Denny Crane in Denny Crane. I mean Marc Mais. :P


You’re just jealous of his dingbat collection :p


Oh no, no jealousy or judgment intended by my previous comment. It’s just the first thing that jumped to mind when wax posted that run of 6 or so one-offs. And now his name appears again, very prominently in the thumbnail.

I dig both of these images. Like lincoln I could do without the dingbats in the first image though. I’m a sucker for pixel line art.


reminds me of ‘The Ricky Henderson Bit’ by David Cross

…Denny Craig


i like the opposition of the color used on the last image, the red gritty image in the bg with the clean crisp lines, and the pastel colors on the bottom.


did i mention, that my name is…

19 years ago, April 2, 2004

i like the stats image


This latest image makes me feel a bit uneasy. It almost makes light of the subject. Sorry.


you’re right it’s rubbish i’m sorry let’s pretend i’ve never posted it


Again I love—Marc Mais—what you’ve done with the aliased pixel portions of the design—Marc Mais—but I’m not feeling the generic male/female—Marc Mais—iconography. Creates a nice sense of depth though.


whos marc mais??? sorry im abit baffeled.


mommy… what is biting?


so many bombs, so few bens


I like the generic people and the stats, Marc Mais. I don’t think it’s making light of suicide bombings. Real people get killed by them. Little boys who want to buy sneakers get killed. I get your point, Marc Mais.


i bought some new sneakers…and i´m still alive …yeah !!..

at tocataurus…..dude..what is with revolt da media….. no interested anymore ??? go and do your job !!



gude c.ram, alles frisch? haste gelesen, was die hier fürn scheiß buggen? meine schöne israel propaganda persiflage hat keiner gerafft. die palis sind doch meine homees. grad de ahmed, der alte racker.

un de tacobeller erzählt was vom beissen, wüsst net wo. egal, lutschers. habn hal 9000 accepted. leg ma ein uffs pakett


I think I forgot how to read…



In broken English (probably choking on casual syntax, misspellings and slang):

“gude c.ram, everything freshly? haste read, to what here those fuern shit nose towards? my beautiful Israel propaganda persiflage does not have gerafft. palis is nevertheless my homees. degrees de ahmed, the old more racker.

un de more tacobeller told which of bite, wuesst net where no matter, lutschers. habn hal 9000 accepted. let us put mA uffs pakett.”

Funny, that doesn’t really clarify anything…


too much faith

19 years ago, April 23, 2004

did he survive to the shots?

My first impression is that all those rounds over the skeleton are bullets and the shapes at the bottom of dotted lines reforces that. But the use of the same shapes on #2 makes me dude. Am I wrong? Anyway I like the asymetric lines and the low opacitiy boxes over there as in #2. The impression I had on #2 was really as a worldwide bomb stats but I can’t see the same relation here.

In other way, I’m not so convinced about typo and white boxes alignment. I my opinion keeping the align at the same height with the different low-opacity stuff whould make a better set. And maybe to put “toomuchfaith” over the white box in white lowcase typo with low kerning too whould make increase the empty-blackspace strength.


I’m reminded of missile command throughout all of these. The last one in particular makes me think that all of my bases are being destroyed. Hopefully, life will not imitate art, or video games for that matter.

The use of repetitive elements on this piece makes for an interesting visual rythym. The play betweeen the ribs, the slugs, the lines, etc, makes my eye dance about. Saving Private Ryan comes to mind.


Cheers for the comments. The shapes in the skeleton are nuts and bolts as typically (horrifically!) found embedded in the victims of suicide bombers. The misalignment of the white boxes was intentional - an attempt to un-pretty the symmetry of the design.


nice one