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between when you think about it, this could be one of the busiest words in terms of intonement. with that said, i’ll start this conversation out with simplicity.

17 years ago, July 23, 2003

btw inman, the hit-up for the source for this photo is here t’was from the “flirt” cd collection

[* thought i’d beat your question with the answer… *:D ]


I guess me and Jeromius don’t need to do the lesbian dsnlg anymore. You got it covered.


I see nothing to indicate that those are lesbian mom’s.


yours was a sarcastic comment correct bharper? :)

i thought i’d set up the conversation of “between” with nothing more than respect between “friends”. must be cause i’m on old guy that i overlooked the micro, and fell for the macro.



maybe not mom’s, but lesbians, yes.


Poem by Louanne Robinson

17 years ago, July 24, 2003

This I like, it is as dark as that thing i posted on my on going bitch fest with taco. I am feeling the interpretation of the theme.


There’s a definite disconnect here visually. What’s your thought process here Villi?


Is that the same image in the background in each of those vertical slashes? The first from the left looks different then the rest.


truthfully? i had a hard time seeing th phase between the first and second pieces. my thought was that villi was heading for a more somber mood in our discussion.

to that end, and with my confusion, i tried to remain a bit somber as well, but with my interpretation and wish for a bit more optimism.

17 years ago, July 25, 2003

between friends. between lives. between heartbeats.


colophon the photo source was once again stockXchng. here’s the link for those so inclined.

i’m still amazed at times with what can be wrought from the use of layers/adjustments within the environment known as photoshop


Actually the guy behind the pane was watching his wife kissing another woman…poor guy :) I know that this image does not visually connect with the first one that much but I was concentrating on what emotions the word “between” had on me. DSNLG´s can be the windows of our souls.


My hangover was the main drive behind this image. Throbbing spectrum of pain.

17 years ago, July 26, 2003

There is a real disconnect between the first and second images.. I can’t tell if Villi just made up the thing about the guy afterward, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since the poem seems to reflect that. The image is kind of jaggedy and the text is a little hard to read in spots.

I’m still not sure what #3 means, but I like the image, and I like the type treatment… Although I hate Copperplate.

#4: Hangovers suck. I like your composition.


i need to help you get into the light.


how’s your headache?

your artwork is crisply to the point. spectrum of pain/colours/emotions/de rigueur.

i’ll be back soon to continue the conversation…