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Here’s an exercise in restraint in regard to my love for grilled and smoked meats. I am eager to see how my partner can flex her creative muscle to expand on this theme. She understands the profundity of barbeque as an art form but will soon find out how much I thin of barbeque as an art form. Perhaps greater issues will emerge surrounding life, god, and truth. Or maybe not, because it is, after all, just meat.

16 years ago, October 5, 2004

What a theme! I can’t wait to see where this is going.


I would have like to see the text positioned such that each letter was rotated or moved so that it looked like a piece of meat on the grill. You know the way they various pieces line up like a puzzle piece. hope that makes sense.


lovin’ the grill - booyah.

makes me hungry for meat. :-)

using the idea of “branding” in this one… overlapping meanings with design terms, it makes me chuckle.

16 years ago, October 5, 2004

Did you just say “booyah”?

How about adding “Keep it real, yo” in your next image somewhere?

Heh heh


great theme. nice text treatment ebender. there are a couple of guys that work in the frame center at the art store i was working in a couple weeks ago…all I ever heard them talk about was meat. all the time. every day.


yeah, booyah.

Things pop in my head every now and then. Sometimes they come out in random spurts. :-D


great stuff.. but that utensil is whatcked.. are those butterfly slots?


I would’ve rather had it be five mosquito slots on the utensil, but take it as you may. Butterflies are cooler, anyway.

I tried to make it less obvious who actually produced the tool.

(Disclaimer: cheesy comment made on a slow day at work, where Designologue became my salvation from watching them fumigate the desk three down from me with ant spray.)


Alright here’s my second. I was thinking about how beef was once cut down to the choicest cuts which were shipped across the country, especially to the north where they loved steak but had no cattle ranches. What was left for the workers and the commonfolk in the South and in Texas was brisket, the cheap cut that now makes the best barbaque. If you meet someone who really knows how to do it, the result is dining as fine as fine dining can get.

16 years ago, October 7, 2004

Sweet Jesus, I’m hungry now. And all I brought for lunch today was a friggin’ ham sandwich.


I would Luv to see a pig roast!


Okay, so I must admit it was hard to find which direction to take this. But, after griping behind the scenes to get a new one going (ahem), I am posting again. :-)

Since brisket is the cornerstone of barbecue, according to my opponent, let’s take this wonderful art of chopping up cows in another light.

16 years ago, October 11, 2004

i had a BBQ on friday night…

no brisket though! ;)


Yo zdoob, is that a live action bbq photo taken from the home grill? I must say my friend I now know what feeds your creative inspiration.. ; )

oh yeah, nice cow work.


hehehe “live action bbq” is funny…

yeah it’s our grill out back. asparagus on the grill is relatively new for us - and we’re diggin’ it… though it still makes your pee smell foul. :(


Does anybody else read this DSNLG as “Baroque as an Art Form?” Even with this being the fourth image and I don’t know which number comment, I’m still surprised to see barbecue and art form in the same phrase. Together at last, huh? Now I’m hungry…


these are all very flat


I’m impressed.


actually, I keep reading it as Barbecue as an Ant Farm. but I don’t really know what that would mean.


Barbeque as an Ant Farm!? ehehheehh…

Sounds like something my older brother would try to convince me ‘would be fun’. :d


flat…maybe….but I think it’s intentional…..either way both of those serving are effective. And making me hungry as well. :)