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during a visit to South Street…. I felt this might capture the spirit of brotherly love.

16 years ago, September 13, 2004

Good starting image.

Are the two of you sisters?


Never been to Austin or Philadelphia


beerad: neither have i. maybe we’ll get a little lesson here!


My comment to AVP (and yes, we’re twin sisters)… Philly and Austin have a lot alike - the lights, the nightlife, the stars n’ stripes… except Austin only has ONE star on their flag… but we’re not afraid to be hands-on with our design, and we’re one big friendly group of down-to-earth people. :-)

p.s. this is the Capitol Building in Austin, NOT in DC like most people think at first glance.

16 years ago, September 14, 2004

don’t mess with texas!

(someone had to say it)


Never been to Philly, but I, too, live in Austin. Interested in seeing where this ‘logue will go.

So, twin sisters, but I assume Kabender lives in Philadelphia? How did that come to pass?



Can’t avoid the opportunity to offer my Madden-esque color commentary, ladies and gentlemen. Frankly, this isn’t a conversation: This is a war. There’s no holds barred. By the end of this, one city should be smote from the record books while the other claims supremacy. They begin this as equals, they’ll end as something else.

With that in mind, I remind you that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Alas! I shall continue my fevered commentary just the same. I missed the beginning of the conversation but seem to have entered the room just as the discussion was getting interesting.

Break out the propaganda posters ladies and gentlemen, cause Joey Stalin is here with me and he’s got a taco appetite like Free Willy on sushi. The serene-abstract South Street has been replaced by the cold, hard Austin star and building. Concrete over abstract! Color has emerged from the darkness! Yeehaw, I think I’m gonna develop a brain tumor.

Alright, time for me to get back to work. If anyone thinks I’m amusing I may just continue to post. Actually, I may just continue anyway. :-P


Whatever you passed a good 10 seconds for me. Sounds good to be.

On images to I do not like the top right.


love conquers all!!!!!!

we both lived in the Philadelphia area, both went to school for GD, but EB wanted to be in Austin, and I wanted to stay in the Northeast a little longer. So EB moved.

strangely, but not surprisingly, we differ greatly in the way we design and our methods behind our madness. I am hoping this is apparent in our images.


16 years ago, September 14, 2004

Whoof, I’m swimming. I feel…mushy. Or like skateboarding. I’m not sure what I feel right now, but there’s definietely a statement being made here.

We’ve moved on from the Goebbels phase into a sort of 21st century propaganda thing: The “this landmark defines my city” phase continues while the text continues to dominate the landscape. In this case, the latter is the former. Which is more confusing to say than it is to understand.

Forget I said all of that.

The scribble on the left pays homage to something…an Urban Outfitters meets “Your city sucks so I’m crossing it out” thing. It kinda reminds me of Spider Man, too, but I think he’s in NYC. Combine that with the Austin city hall looking exactly like the White House and I think we can all deduce one thing from this little debate: I’m moving to Saskatchawan.

The champ has taken (or maybe she landed) a blow to the kisser, but there’s still quite obviously a lot of love left to lose before this is over. One thing’s for certain though- I’m done using the letter “l” for the remainer of this conversation.


jkosoy: You have always wished you could be one of Coudal’s P-shop Tennis commentators haven’t you?


okay, just got back from work…. time to comment. :-)

the Lone Star flag obviously didn’t show up as well as I thought in the picture… which was the top right corner of the picture. ah well, ya win some with the computer, you lose some with the computer.

the war is on, my friends. WHO, after tossin’ all the love around, will come out smellin’ like the rose??? (okay, i’m NOT jkosoy, haha. but I do know him. and he would fit in quite well w/coudal.)

I shall use my wits to come up with a design after I grab a bite to eat. A designer’s gotta eat (some damn good Mexican food, that is…)


It’s is interesting to note that many first dsnlgs between friends (or in this case twin sisters) are about a turf war. It is something we must get out of our systems I suppose.


Oh and I like how you two are adding layers to each others design as you go. Something that a dsnlg was intended to be, but many choose not to now.


more conceptual on this one. I can’t tell from the subject if this should be considered a “turf war” or “style vs. style.” we’ll see where it goes.

16 years ago, September 16, 2004

I think “versus,” is the key point of what I was saying.

I really like the colors in this image.

Is that a pentagram on the floor? Is evolution evil?




Great job, I like this piece a lot but I don’t like the bright white chunks around the letters. I understand that you were going for the grunge styling around the type but I think if the white was faded just a bit more it would enhance the effect. But thats just an opinion..


i do miss having my sister around.. and I want you to feel it in this image.

maybe the places we landed in are better for who we are. maybe these places will make us feel like we belong there, even though they are 1800 miles apart.

sorry jkosoy, there is no war, only emotion.


16 years ago, September 17, 2004

gotta miss the sis too. we still think the same things despite the difference… in fact, we posted on the same message board within a day of each other without knowing. How weird is that?!

you know, where has this jkosoy been? he spread his love (for Madden, that is) in Designologue…. but recently?… no commentary. I know it’s not that long of a time, but I do miss the endearing snaps at my work. :-)

someone should challenge him in their own Designologue. :-)

on to designin’ tomorrow…. or maybe after the ACL Music Festival… woo! Hallelujah to 3-day music events that cost as much as a 2-hour moderately priced concert normally would. :-) (and to those in Austin - yes, I am going for ALL THREE DAYS.) tamashii, you going?


Sorry, I was looking for a Radioshack in Baltimore. Turns out there are none. There is also one Starbucks, 1 Burger King, 10 THOUSAND Subways and a lot of…colorful…people around me, shall we say.

Really I was busy throwing a disc around and chasing after it. Funny how I go from working with discs to playing with discs…ugh. The latter of course is a frisbee and the former computer disks, but now I’m rambling.

Ok, let’s be serious a moment. I do enjoy Coudal Rev. Dr. Luv. I’m not a designer by trade, but I do enjoy a bit of writing here or there and found the commentary there to be as interesting to me as the artwork (or design if you prefer) displayed. Seeing as how I’m lucky enough to be friends with these two, I figure I could play the third wheel here nicely. I hope I’m living up to expectations.

We’re done being serious.

TWO images have happened during my extended frisbee vacation, and my how the conversations has shifted. Before we were talking about a fight to the death, now we appear to be in a pretentious coffee shop laughing about how senseless the bickering is. And yet somehow with K’s comments about there being “no war”, I’m compelled to think of the upcoming US elections. Surely there’s politics at play here, as the Austin star has become Texaco meets the Bat Signal on a dance floor. Surely the references to the Texaco gas station, the oil in Texas, George W. Bush, these are all apparant to you. Really I’m just making this up as I go along, but I’ve always been the one to start a fight and then stand on the sidelines laughing anyway.

The concrete theme shifted briefly to an abstract image remindimg me of tall grass and guitars, both of which are somehow Texan to me. The “evolve” from the love park logo was a brilliant, a snappy remark about what K can do with the love she’s tryin’ to show. Image 5 disregarded the argument and brought us to a Hello Kitty kind of serene. I feel like we’re at the part of the chick flick where the guy realizes he was a big jerk and there’s a big musical interlude played by John Mayer while we all realize that he’s really a decent human being after all, even though he just cheated on the protoganist with like 20 other women in a drunken stupor.

Wow, how the mind wanders. Oh by the way K, I love the little heart.


the heart was meant just for you, jkosoy ;-)

can’t deny being a female, after all, so the Hello Kitty/Hallmarky-feel works for me. I doubt it would’ve flown over had a male counterpart done the same thing. ahem.

the star was “evolved” to illustrate the distance between two points on a larger scale; more realistically, if you were to place that star on top of the US, I think you could get it to fit as I have between Austin and Philadelphia. and home, after all, is what she left. I place all of the blame on her. ha.



okay, so I’m covering my butt a little here.

ACL this weekend has kept me from continuing this any sooner. Now, I have a cold, and I’ve been under the weather. So I promise to all my fans that I’ll have something up soon. Seriously. :-)

As an aside to the previous comment, of course leaving was my own fault. I don’t feel like I left “home” - I feel like I left “a home.” Home is where you feel at ease, and it wasn’t Baltimore or New Jersey anymore. Time to take flight!


The long-awaited return of the sister’s duel…

after showin’ a friend around town this weekend, I’m feeling more austin pride. Moreso, it makes you appreciate when a new refreshing view of where you are becomes apparent.

whittlin’ away at the AVP, -e-

16 years ago, September 29, 2004



16 years ago, October 1, 2004

this one is my fav of the bunch… though the star needs a little more work.


The end to a designologue that went all over the place. Literally and distance-wise. However, I stand my ground. :-)

(and yes, that’s a real sign in Austin on the left. It’s the old porn theatre. they change the message every few months.)

16 years ago, October 3, 2004

congrats on the completion - it doesn’t happen enough around here!


thanks, zdoob. I’m gonna keep the trend in finished designologues going!…. that is, when I get the time. :-) and hope all enjoyed.