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Ah, the woes of the past, current when I created this. The first designologue. So unassuming. So sucktastic. :D

I have no idea what I was thinking design-wise. Gotta love that quote though.

21 years ago, October 19, 2001

Kind of a literal visualization of the hermorrhaging from the quote. Only with blood, instead of money.

The blood was done in Illustrator, because I like to do things the hard way.

21 years ago, October 27, 2001

You have to stop the bleeding. You have to get on with it. You have to remain seated until the pilot turns off that little light. Only then are you free to move about the cabin.

Like an airplane is made of Lincoln Logs...

21 years ago, November 4, 2001

The text there pretty much says it all. I carried over my favorite part of Shaun’s image to keep it real. You punks.

21 years ago, November 12, 2001

Little did Bruno know…

The infection would not be a deadly airborn chemical delivered through the US Postal Service but the much maligned Photoshop stretch.

21 years ago, November 20, 2001

Will anyone remember the anthrax scare another year from now? Using current events as inspiration make for what I call a “short shelf-life” DSNLG.

I thought it would be really funny to bring that woman into another round. She went from being a stewardess to being a tattoo to being a nun to…

21 years ago, November 28, 2001

This was a woman with a lot on her mind. Her faith doubling as a floatation device, she worried about future threats and their delivery mechanisms. All amidst a sea of minty green.

I don’t know - what do you want me to say? This was done well over a year ago ;D

21 years ago, December 6, 2001

Right. Once again, this was as the US was invading Afghanistan. Emotions were running high, and this is what I did instead of joining the marines.

21 years ago, December 14, 2001

I’m enjoying the comments on this classic…the original DSNLG…

I especially like Aarseth’s comment about current events. Does anyone remember?