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There’s always a catch…

19 years ago, July 2, 2004

Alright… so why a 2?

If you can’t ball up and tell me what’s wrong with it, don’t vote.

[EDIT: 1:07 PM I mean, I am kind of on the same track with bearskinrug with regard to ranking an image: [ 1 ] poor conceptual relevance / poor execution

[ 2 ] poor conceptual relevance / good execution or good conceptual relevance/poor execution.

[ 3 ] good conceptual relevance / good execution

[ 4 ] exceptional conceptual relevance / exceptional execution

So which is it: poor on execution or concept? :END EDIT]


Wow! A one…

And still no comment.

Thanks for the support guys.


I gave you a one for bitching.

But I like the image.


Oh. Ok bharper.

I’ll just stop talking then. Sorry. I must have had this community confused with one that promoted discussion. My bad.

I certainly wouldn’t want my image judged on concept and aesthetics.

Rip it apart indiscriminately.


I haven’t voted yet but this is what I am think. One, this dosn’t make me think of TV or TV products. Second I think the girl falls into the background to much. I think the type use is good, but again the type isn’t a great TV font. but the use is good.

Is S&H only not included on StressFree?


yeah some of these bastads a lazy phucks that just vote with no explination…

Love the background and woman, the only thing that doesnt do it for me is the bar going across with the text. Everything else is stylised and in place, while this looks like it was plonked there at the last minute…

nice though


I like the vibe of this image but once I start looking at it more thorough I think it show some flaws. The main thing I’m bothered about is the way the background pattern changes at some places without any apparent reason. I’m also a bit bugged by the fact that the upper half of the pattern sticks out just a few pixels below the middle bar. I like the fifties style women! Think she blends in perfectly with the background, both with the style and with the colors. However, I don’t think she matches the fonts. They seems far to modern to her.

As for “no comment - no voting” - I don’t agree. I think it’s totally ok to place a vote without a comment. For me the voting is an opinion from the masses whereas the comments is for those who wants to discuss an image/a topic more thoroughly.


I didn’t say “stop talking” i said “stop bitching.”

Communication is fine and good, but i’ve learned that in order to draw lots of comments around here, your image needs to warrant it, or otherwise entice the “masses.”

If you bring it, they will come nt.


I thank those of you commenting. This helps me figure out what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right. This is what I was looking for.

I will give a little insight as to where I was coming from when making this image. Basically, I was thinking TV infomercials. The kind that have all these life enhancing products that will change your life forever and free up more time than dying. One of the things that immediately came to mind was the fact that every one of these infomercials give away a ton of free stuff to sell one item. Not to mention, they state over and over the word free in some manner (ex: free up your time). I also started thinking how a lot of regular commercials mention some “free” aspect of their product (i.e. Fat Free, Carb Free, etc.). This is where all the FREE came from. It’s that giving away of extra stuff just so you will spend the money for one thing. Of course, the catch being you will pay for that free stuff too — in the form of Shipping and Handling.

Why the 50s look? Well, as I was contemplating the purpose of infomercials, it came to me that in the late 40s up to the early, early 60s, improving domestic life was all the rage. New home appliances were popping up all over the place to make the housewife’s domestic life easier and better. The very idea of convenience was born in the 50s, it seems.

Beerad: I didn’t want to be as simple as to slap a TV on the image or a specific product to sell the concept. The driving force here is the sell of FREE and the fact that it is not free. That is emphasized by the “8 Easy Installments” as all ‘As Seen On TV’ products are payable via an installment plan. Always. As for S&H only being marked on StressFree, typically you need only make that type of indication on first mention. As the asterisk is visibly attached to the word FREE, I felt it would be redundant and a bit unsightly to have them running on all the words. I agree I may have chosen a less TV centric font. As for the lady, I wanted to make it appear she had pulled straight off the background as her life is being “enhanced” but she isn’t there yet - she gotz ta pay.

inVSbl: oddly enough, the bar was the second thing on this image. However, I can see your point that it seems a bit out of place. I was wrestling with the notion that something needed to be changed before I posted it. Perhaps this was it.

hbruce: backgrounds are some of the hardest things for me. As for the randomness of the pattern… ya… it’s random. But it looked good to me, so, erm, ya. As for the fonts, while they may not be typical Prime-Time Lineup faire, it is Clarendon (Hermann Eidenbenz, 1953) so at least the time period is right.

My concern with the No Comment - No Vote is that I was looking for discussion, especially with regard to low ratings. I can’t possibly improve if I don’t know what is wrong. I have no problem what-so-ever with low ratings. Sure, they smart a bit, but that is the nature of this particular game. People can give me ones all day long, but how can they expect me to make better images/designs if they don’t tell me why they considered it a one. I just think that if you have nothing to contribute to the betterment of the design, then the low vote cast for it seems unjustified and of little value to anyone. The same could be said with high votes. I can glean some idea that the image as a whole was done well, but perhaps there was something extra special that sold it to ya. What was that?


Unfortunately, it’s up to the viewer to decide if they want to give you feedback or not. Is all I am trying to get across.


I will grant you that, bharper. It is, after all, just my opinion and a fanciful wish.

However, -you- could have made your point in a far more civilized and intellectual manner rather than score the IMG a 1. I felt my emotional outburst regarding my first ever DSNLG seemed justified. You’re vote came across as petty and irrational.


This is your first dsnlg? Well then I can understand the sensativity.

I used to feel exactly like you which is probably why I am acting “irrational.”


I can’t be for certain… but me thinks this DSNLG be dead… oh, to hear from my first ever conspirator and get this one going again.


I quite like this image. Pity it went no where


Sorry for the delay; as I had limited art skills I decided I should go to school before responding. That didn’t really work out, but I didn’t want to seem rude.

13 years ago, June 19, 2010

The reception seems to be degrading…

13 years ago, June 21, 2010

television’s gonna save us.

13 years ago, June 22, 2010