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I love to trace. I trace things all day long. Sometimes I trace car parts, sometimes I trace schematics, sometimes I trace my hand on a piece of paper and make it look like a Turkey (kind of like back in grade school - what fun!).

Since I trace so much, I thought I would see what else I can trace. Randy and myself are both accomplished tracers at work, so I thought it would be fun to come up with a little conv. about tracing.

There’s nothing linear about this log - just two guys, tracing whatever the hell we want to trace.

This pig was traced off a Frank Kozik poster. I’ve never traced a pig before, and thought it might be fun.

Here are some things I would like to trace:

A Marmoset A Belgian Waffle An office building A book about tracing

18 years ago, June 27, 2003

Jack Hamm is a suggestion for tracing, he has so many drawings and books of drawings. If you can get your hands on some of them, you will be on the money as far as tracing history is concerned. Jack Hamm teaches people how to draw, by tracing. Therefor there are literally thousands, if not millions, of Jack Hamm style drawings out there.

Hooray for Jack Hamm. Tacosaurus Traces.


Jack Hamm - ah yes, I’m familiar with him. I have quite a few of his books at home, how to make animals, how to draw faces, good stuff.

I should go back to school and get my master’s degree in advanced tracing. That would look so good on my resume.


You could get a degree from my independent university. It would surely save you money. There are only two graduates in the world, both of whom are very skilled in the advanced arts of Bullshitting. Not your ordinary bullshit, but the real convincing stuff that goes unquestioned because it is so deep rooted in random facts, that it is virtually impenatrable by criticism. The only one who can uncover it, is its maker, and that is all done in due time. There are no professors, only bullshit directors who point you down the right path and rate and critique your progression with your bullshit abilities. DuperSuperFuturisticism was a product of my university. And hasn’t it just taken off and conquered the world? You bet your bleedin’ arse’ it has!

Tacosaurus’ BSU. With a nifty “Ditto-Style” Diploma.

PhBS-$200- Four Year Program MBS-$175- Two Year Program BBS-$150- One Year Program


Isn’t that the same as a degree in Communications?

Talk about 4 1/2 years of my life wasted.

Oh wait, I was wasted … maybe that’s why I don’t remember it.


I dunn got myself fired from my job today. It was the most exhilerating sense of freedom I have ever experienced. I feel like things are really looking up… side down. My boss got the best advice in the world today, he threw a tantrum and tried to turn it all around on me, and now I get to collect unemployment.

Fuck the PIGHEADED businessman. Slowly getting fatter, stupider, and efficiantless. There is nothing I like better than giving someone else a chance to get their power trip on, then watching them trip over it landing face first in their own shit.

Who is gonna do your work now boss? You just lost some major talent. This is an unacceptable loss in Major League Sports. He is just going to go down like the Reds did after Pete Rose bet against them.

The Oh So Holy Tacosaurus Preached.


fucked up.

Best thing that ever happened to me was when I was let go.

Unemployment = free money. Can’t beat that.


what happend taco? that sucks.. being jobless is nice at first, assuming you dont wither into a pile of BS on the couch. i thought you were buddies with your boss.. anywho, sorry man.

and by the way, this B.S. that is “so rooted in random facts” is infact very discernable to those of us who also practice the art of B.S.ery.


I told my boss that the key to success is making your employees happy, in turn he would be happy, I mean we do the work for him. He was on television yesterday, his ego went through the roof, and I got fired for a suggestion. If he expects loyalty, he has to give a little in return. I need healthcare and more money, I have medical issues. I also have a car payment and many other downfalls in life, electricity, water, food, rent, beer, paint, paper, ink, brushes, canvas, spraypaint, more food, and the endless list of desire ticks on. So I am working FULL TIME for MYSELF NOW. FUCK THE MAN. Fuck a work camp.

“Trivial Pursuit™ was always more fun than Risk™.”

  • Tacosaurus “himself”

randy - get your ass in gear.

I can hear you talking in your cube.