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inspired by tasks completed in the one-offs, and that which i’m grasping to be the differences between dslg and pst, i humbly offer this image as the first of my stay here at designologue.

while trolling for muse-ical images, i came across and was captured by this macro view of a pair of sunglasses shot by Karoly Kiralyfalvi (a.k.a Drez), from hungary

with that said, i invite and welcome comments to this and all future images and ‘conversations’ between myself and other designologians.

with warm regards,


18 years ago, July 20, 2003

Welcome Cajebo. Can you hit us with a link to the source of this photograph? Was it the Stock.Xchange?

Nice theme. It’s funny that you started it when you did. I was at the mall yesterday with my girlfriend and there was this guy walking around with a pair of sunglasses on. He thought he was so clever, wearing sunglasses inside so he could stare at all the ladies. It was pretty obvious what he was doing since both my girlfriend and I were able to call him on it.


I like the way you stacked the type in ‘anonymity’, here, cajebo. And the composition works well (the red dot is a nice touch for balance) - what are some of the things you’re looking to play around with in this DSNLG?


good guess inman. stock exchange is one of my favorite places to browse. her profile can be found here, and the specific image here

edit 0720_11:19 bsr: missed your comment while i was entering the other– thanks! the composition simply flew by itself. one of those rare moments where the muse says “relax, i’ll take it from here…” as to what i’m looking to play with here? simply put, i’d like to play with the things i know, the things i’ve forgotton, and the things i’ve yet to learn. since joining another meat board a month or so ago, i’ve been on sort of an artistic rediscovery. finding desinologue was happenstance. but i think i’ll enjoy the concept of design conversation better perhaps than battles.

we’ll see.

again, thanks for your comments


“but i think i’ll enjoy the concept of design conversation better perhaps than battles.”

I am so glad to hear that. Don’t let the design-vikings lurking around here fool you, that was the original goal of the site. ;D


Welcome cajebo! Interesting type treatment. The image almost looks like a vector image.. What is reflected in the frame of the glasses there?


thanks aarseth.

even before i massaged the photo, it had the same vectored mystique. probably why it attracted me in the first place. (from above: “…and the specific image here”)

as to the reflection? i have no idea. my guess would be an instance of HTSS

(Happenstance Tortoise Shell Subliminal) :D sorry, couldn’t resist.

and thank you aarseth for your comments.


This is cool. Beautiful photograph and unique type treatment. I gave you a 3 because I think the type could have been pushed even a little further. I want to see the type take on a more luminous or misty quality that reflects the photograph, but doesn’t compete too much. A tricky task I am sure. Right now, I just think it is a little too flat.

Oh, and welcome!


I love the theme. It is quite a precious thing.

cajebo: You love some Happenstance don’t you? Inman: Who you calling a Viking?


lol. i thought he was talking about you too taco.

when i first saw this image, i thought it was a detail of a car bumper on some old cadillac or something.. nice photo, but i agree, you could have pushed it a bit more. welcome!


very nice, I was struck by this in your one-off’s…

so… “i’d like to play with the things i know, the things i’ve forgotton, and the things i’ve yet to learn.” hmmm. not sure what that means exactly, or how it relates to anonymity. I do have an idea for a reply though… I’ll just give it a shot. Should have it up today or tomorrow.


You know who, Brunhildesaurus Norske.


so… “i’d like to play with the things i know, the things i’ve forgotton, and the things i’ve yet to learn.” hmmm. not sure what that means exactly, or how it relates to anonymity.

my bad there.

i thought bearskinrug’s question related to my participation in this community on the whole, rather than this dialogue specifically.

with that said, and so as to not knock over any apple cart you may have begun to push, let us leave it at this- anonymity: is it bad? is it good? is it becomming a necessity?

as to my goals in participation at designologue, i wish to play with the things i know, rediscover the things i’ve forgotton, and have fun with that which i’m about to learn

thanks for you comments as well anethon. looking forward to you taking me to school… :) (no wait, that’s a PST statement) looking forward to the rewards at the end of our journey (that’s it, yeah, that’s it…)


cool, I see. Yeah.. interesting topic… lemme get my reply going before I say more…


ok.. I apolagize in advance if I’ve gone too far off on my tangent here…

Anonymity made me think about all the data mining and marketing ploys designed to get more and more specific information about us… and how we all want to preserve our privacy. There’s sort of a contradiction here because the more specific information they have about us, the more we become an anonymous number in a database. They may find out more about us as consumers, but that makes us more and more meaningless parts of a giant corporate profit machine.

That’s a scene is from The Life of Brian, in case you haven’t seen it, or don’t remember: There’s a crowd that’s following Brian around, because they think he’s the messiah..

BRIAN: You’re all individuals! FOLLOWERS: Yes, we’re all individuals! BRIAN: You’re all different! FOLLOWERS: Yes, we are all different! DENNIS: I’m not!

Well, that scene always makes me laugh……

I’m getting tired of explaining all this… if it really doesn’t make sense, I’ll try to explain some more.. hopefully it sorta makes sense…

18 years ago, July 22, 2003

Makes sense to me. I’m down with the trendy business vectors, the eyeball tiles and reference to Monty Python but a couple things bother me. The tile becomes a little hazy around the transition to the inverted version. That and the difference in inner and outer radii is a little too extreme in the corners of your light blue outlines.

BRIAN: Fuck off!!! FOLLOWERS: How shall we fuck off, oh lord?


yeah, I did get sloppy with those blue outlines… :(

Also, you mentioned keeping the ‘feel’ consistent across a dsnlg… I think that’s a good idea, and I liked the feel of cajebo’s image… but I didn’t manage to keep it…


i’m not sure if it was intentional or not. but there is a campy 80’s busienss meeting brochure to this image. the stroke around the images is thick and makes it look vintage. also, the font in the lower right bubble has a similar effect on me.


interesting reply anethon (i don’t know if i should be ashamed or not to admit this, but i can’t remember if i’ve seen this film…) with your explanation however, it makes sense. of course i’ll need to digest what you’ve presented and talk it over with my muse. i’ll reply as soon as i can. again, nice second step. i would agree with some of the ‘technical’ issues raised by others, but won’t hold it against you… this time :o)


oh, see it soon, it’s a classic. Turn on subtitles if you have trouble with the accents (I have to sometimes)… you won’t want to miss any lines…


My main problem with this image is this… why would these dudes have a camera zoomed in so close on a pair of sunglasses??? That is a weak way to make reference to the last image.

The dialogue moves forward though and new ideas are raised.


inspired? perhaps, with tongue in cheek.

18 years ago, July 24, 2003

that’s great!


thanks bharper. although i haven’t had time to see the movie, i did get what i needed from the image.

anonymity runs many courses, and has many sides.

inronic, but in reference to anethon’s comment about most of us becoming numbers in deMogs to be mined, this didn’t cost us anything but our future privacy.

irony is, the rich and famous can’t buy anonymity. lack thereof is the price they pay for fame.

again, thanks, i had a ton of fun with this image.


The initial impact of this image is excellent. The pun, the contrast, the workaday who’s had enough. And then there’s the after taste. I think the one white pixel rule at 40% opacity is unnecessary. And while the silhouette ties this image to the previous one it does really add anything to this composition. The impact of the communist Mr. AOL (;D) would have been far greater against a solid flat backdrop of anonymity. Similarly, the “&” and the “i” in “&onimust” could have shared that same red to make a more coherent unit.

But damn it tasted good going down.


I like how they are all standing on each others shoulders. Almost as if you pulled one out, they would all come tumbling down. Then all of a sudden there is this pile of consumers waiting for a new trend to feed on, kinda like a zombie movie, with cannibalism and cool stuff like that. George Romero knows what I’m talking about. Interesting when placed in the demographic discussion above. That would be a nice visual depiction of a failing trend. Like, rap music, with zombied out MC’s eating one anothers gold chains and nike shoes while swapping proffesional sports jerseys, and incessantly dropping names, while actually never producing a single piece of REAL music in their lives.

Don’t know what came over me, sorry. Tacosaurus Wrex. Listenin’ to Coltrane.


Damn that view on crap rap is annoyingly close to my own. I feel ill.


damn! busted. :0)

i agree with most of inman’s c/c.

a) the thin rule was an afterthought. i know i was thinking something then, but now i’m left with “geez, what was i thinking…?” b) as to the “omnipotent shadow-man”, you’re most likely correct again. my thought at the time was indeed with respect to carry-over, but my interpretations of the masses would have been enough of a reference to the previous post. c)on the red ampersand though i’ll hold my ground. and in hindsight, methinks it might have been a ‘more coherant’ unit had i had but the “i” in red.

as to tacoraporous’s rant: i’m SO totally with you there. as a father of a 15 near sixteen y/o daughter, that genre of monologue music is nothing but food for discussion, nay— argument— at our table.

thanks to all for the comments.


Tell your daughter to get her research on. She will find that all the music that she likes, isn’t really music. It is in fact a puppet show of epic proportions. Eventually she will see that these Rappers she once loved, are merely fancy miniature doberman pinchers with gold collars on platinum leashes in the hands of Corporate Record Executives laughing all the way to the bank. And the bitches they all hail so negatively, are actually themselves. Talking about how they pimp, when they are the ones being pimped. Running around, spending money, closetful of clothes, never doing anything to positively influence society. Acting like the housewives and daughters of the overtly wealthy upper class, and who are they calling a BITCH? Handing over their platinum card everywhere, expecting the princess treatment. This is all so funny to me. “It is the irony behind the divine comedy.” I drive such n such car, I hang out with so and so. It’s like a Beverly Hills Highshool reunion everyday on BET and MTV. I wanna see these rappers walk through the Bronx or Harlem with all that gold on, on candid camera, watch it get snatched.

FUCK PUFF DADDY. (WTF KINDA NAME IS THAT?) He used to be a backup dancer, how funny is that? He is a disgrace to HipHop.


Real HipHop:

Download a Song? Visit The Source! From the artists statement bit: “corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong it’s reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed.” -Abraham Lincoln,1864


hahha.. I’d love to see YOU walk through the Bronx with all that gold, Taco. Your fucking hilarious.

Yea, I downloaded that MP3. It’s ok. Could use a better producer, lol.


lyrical content, the music (production) is secondary! You missed the point, get off at the next stop and backtrack on foot.

ps- I could walk through Compton. I am not afraid! and that song is a Saul Williams “freestyle” on the radio steeze.


Chech out this hip hop video, it uses all the cliches of the genre in an interesting way. It the the icon three from the bottom on the left in the menu of the videos. All hip hop should look like this . The tunes not too shabby either.


I chose to be ungrammatical here because “who is i” is the phrase for some one who can’t even grasp the concept of their own identity, as opposed to someone who knows it exists, and is just trying to figure it out.

18 years ago, August 1, 2003

I think this is my favorite image you have done yet anethon. Moves the conversation along and adds new ideas. The composition is simple, but effective and dynamic. However, I would like to see the female figures positioning be even more dynamic with a greater difference in size so the largest is really filling the frame. The type is also a little big and bulky for my taste, but I can see it is just a carry over of treatment from before.

Good work.


thanks, I wasn’t sure about the font either, but typography is my weakness


Is this like what you were talkin bout before taco?

Air Sucka’s



i like your repartee quite a bit anethon.

anonymity described as being like everyone else because you want to be different.

wish me luck with my return…


This is looking good. I really like where this is going; in a very graphic direction. Good work guys!


what’s up with this one? was goin’ in a cool way…


I think the question mark is too close to the “i”; that’s bugging me for some reason.

I agree with Dr. Luv’s comments about the female images.

I really dig the way you’ve taken the corporate identity into the personal identity. I just read a book called “Where You’re At” and so much of personal identity is corporate identity. We don’t wear what we want to because we think it’s cool; we wear what we wear because we’ve been told it’s cool. The Merchants of Cool, a Frontline episode, deals with similar issues. Anyhow…

I like the way the female images and words are stripped, as if they are on a TV set. And still, all those worker bees stand in the back, on each other’s shoulders, never complaining at all, never questioning anything, never falling out of line (except the one who bolted in IMG 03 ). Suckers…until you realize that you are one, too.