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ok….finally was able to get something started, so have at it!!!

i really am hoping this gets me an answer to my question about the eighth day of the week.

yee-haa….it’s on!

17 years ago, November 2, 2005

I´m a bit busy at work now, but I´ll try to squeeze in a response soon.


no worries…..that is why i took a bit of time to get the first image up.

take care of work; don’t rush your submission!! =)


Maybe it could be called…

17 years ago, November 5, 2005

ok, i was trying to work this one out yesterday, but just wasn’t able to work it out.

while dealing with a fluster of work deadlines i got some real inspiration. trying to capture more of what i see think of when i try to imagine the eight day in my everyday life.

i think this image has gotten me closer to that thought.

17 years ago, November 8, 2005

whats with the color scheme here? any reason behind it? reminds me of my logues> poor execution on this image> lots of possibilites for this logue!


sorry to hear you don’t like your own logues too well.

i happen to like the direction i took with this one. yes, the colors scheme is a bit differant, but i rather like the way it caught your attention.

i tend to work in color schemes that aren’t always what people expect, but i have had many compliments on them.

please look through some of my other work… AMUCKconcepts gallery


not that i’m not happy with them just wish i new then what i do now< no regrets <

with this last image there is really nothing interesting about it other that a color scheme that doesnt’ work fo rme< i guess i’m just disappointed because conceptually this louge should be really kewl. the theme title just puts so many images in my head besides the obvious<

So ur in berkely? I fly out there 2morrow


i’m much appreciative for the feedback…perhaps we need to do a logue….


Fresh text placement in image 2, like the color combo


Yo AMK. It´s all work no play this week at work. I´ll post as soon as things slow down a bit.


no worries…..i have been slammed at work too!

by the way….thanks for accepting my logue request…i am learning quite a bit from this. i really wanted to get back into what’s going on with others in this industry more, and this seems to be a great tool.



No luck with my magic 8 ball, damn.

17 years ago, December 9, 2005

AMK are you MIA?


I think the eighth day of the week should be called Boceday (said Bose-eh-day)


Sorry, got interrupted. It should be called Boceday because the rest of the days of the week were derived from Russian words I believe so this one should too obviously.


sorry for the MIA….i have been dealing with abit of struggles. i am on disability these days and computer is totally overun with corruptions and hacks.

please be patient i really do wish to finish this one.