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Well, this begins with a personal joke and addresses someone’s (I’m not naming names) slighlty irrational fear, albeit justified, of pennies.

And the theme plays off of the cliche, A Penny For Your Thoughts.

21 years ago, December 16, 2001

21 years ago, December 24, 2001

This was a response to Dave’s obsessive blue print of urinals and peeing. He was the one that decided to choose the word phallic. It was hysterical and appropriate given my first design. I built off of his theme, making fun of the obsession with penis/urinals and also taking a stab at men in general for being obsessed with their dicks.

I was watching a Discovery Channel show the night before I designed phallocentric and it was talking about machismo and man’s fixation on their genitalia and exhibtion of power. They were drawing interesting connections to the phallic shape in art, architecture, etc. It was interesting and I decided to incorporate it. It happened to be an intellectual/humorous concept. So, I would have to say I was poking fun at (excuse the pun) man’s obsession with the construction of bigger, taller, phallic structures. A little different than a personal ode to the oh so glorious, cock. (I am bowing down right now)

21 years ago, January 1, 2002

21 years ago, January 10, 2002

The “fear of small change” is not irrational, although I am not sure of the exact name of that phobia. Any suggestions?

Yes, I am uncomfortable around small change…all thanks to an incident from youth involving $.03 and a urinal. I haven’t willingly touched a penny in over 20 years.

Nasty things, those pennies are.


Leonardo Da Vinci had a huge impact on ergonomics. His sketches of human skeletal/muscular systems and also his studies of human interaction with machinery were believed to be the some of the first ideas relating the idea of comfort and harmony of humans with their environment.

Beyond that I thought it brought an interesting spin on Dave’s ideas from the previous image. Since the idea of egocentrism is more about the internal human mind and ergonomics is concerned with human’s physical interaction with their environment.

19 years ago, July 29, 2003

nice image. I like that this logue started with a joke about the penny part of the cliche and seemed to turn into being about thoughts or stream of consciousness thinking.

I’m interpretting this as someone stepping up to a urinal in the first image, and the rest of it is his bizarre chain of loosely connected thoughts that he’s having while relieving himself.

I often have similiarly profound ideas and developments at urinals. Praise to FV for doing such a good job handling something that she’ll never be able to fully understand and appreciate.

something does kinda bother me about the fuzziness on the left and the crispness on the right, but not with the linework, so much as the colors.


Unfortunate jpg compression aside, I’m digging this image. The thought process really makes it for me. I’d like to see a series of prints dealing with this concept using the proportional divisions and human ergonomic studies from the left side. You could probably sell them to some rich Cali snob who doesn’t really get it. ;D

Hmmm, first bedingfield, then fashion victim…could the Reverend be far behind?


FashionVictim -

Ok, now I don’t get it. You’re yellin at me for drawing flowers and over here you are giving your own personal ode to phallocentric urinal buildings…. wow. hypocrite!


some rich Cali snob who doesn’t really get it

… hey, what you trying to say about Cali??


Hahaha, nothing. They just relocated there, is all. There’s rich snobs any- and everywhere.


Bravo, FV. I like the approach you’ve taken. I’m really not sure where we’re going with this, but it is quite an interesting ‘stream’ of thought we’ve developed (referring to Lincoln’s comment).



Thanks for all of the feedback gents. I know the jpeg compression is rotten. I didn’t notice it until I posted. That’s what I get for swiping images from web sites.

I don’t really know where this is going either, but stream of consciousness was kind of the idea from the beginning, ahem, I just wanted to play off of each other’s ideas and thought process. And now it seems we have this “ic” at the end of the word thing going on.


Hmm, indeed. I think the “ic” is quite appropriate given how this started. Pennies (plural of penny) in urinals and all.


oh, i c.



OK man, that joke wasn’t funny the first time…


Okay, bharper, ya want to know my real thought process on phallocentric?

see img3


no see, its not the same joke as before. the first time, i was just pointing out FV’s hypocracy. This time, I am making a refference to the use of words ending in ‘ic” but putting my own spin on it to make it relevant to what I think about fashionvictim and her blatent hypocracy.

u c?


You are joking right, you couldn’t possibly be this annoying and be serious, could you?


oh, and for godsakes, spell check boyee!


Hahaha…this banter is more fun to watch than the actual DSNLG!


hehe.. thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt FV.

no, im just being a dick head! intentionaly….


i will bite my own tongue off, for twenty dollars. RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW> Watching the world go down the toilet of history. Like Jesus Jones did back when?


I’ve got five on that